Relic Robbers

Project Details

Type Student project
Time span 7 days (2013)
Team size 9
Main roles Physics/Gameplay Programmer
Notable tech Horde3D, custom physics

Project Summary

Relic Robbers is a local 4-player party game, where players race for treasure in a maze-like pyramid - either by working together or sabotaging each other. Avoid traps, unlock pathways and steal treasures from your friends while in search for the exit!

This short second-year project was a proof of concept, and was developed in a custom engine made by a fellow programmer, using Horde3D for rendering.

My contributions

Due to the use of a custom engine, features like physics were not available. Because I was working on a small physics engine at the time, we decided to put it to the test in this prototype. This was a valuable learning experience but most importantly, it worked fairly well for our intended platforming mechanics.

Further contributions involved camera movement (and preventing the camera from clipping through walls), engine features and bugfixes.

Although this project had a focus on the learning experience, the use of a custom engine combined with the short amount of time we had (7 working days from start to finish) was a big risk to take, and something I would've discouraged looking back. At the same time, this project has a special place in my heart for the exact same reason: Despite the odds we managed to create this prototype in a matter of days.
I'd like to give a big thank you to the "Team Lunch" crew for the incredibly fun and positive experience.