Sugar Rush

Project Details

Type Student project
Time span 14 days (2012)
Team size 12
Main roles Gameplay Programmer
Notable tech Unreal Development Kit, UnrealScript

Project Summary

Sugar Rush is a co-operative 2-player game, that mixes Tower Defense with third-person action. The goal of the two players is to defend a moving cart filled with candy throughout the level, fending off other sugar-rushed kids who attempt to steal their precious sweets. Along the way, the players encounter playgrounds where they are able to set up various types of turrets to help them defend their sugary cargo.

My contributions

Given our inexperience with this particular engine, two fellow programmers and I started by researching Unreal Engine and UnrealScript. Later on, I primarily focused on player controls, animation blending, and other gameplay elements.

Although delving into the Unreal Engine was discouraged for 1st year projects, we managed to create something I believe we were all satisfied with in the time we were given. It gave us a glimpse of the power and possibilities of AAA engines and has been an incredibly valuable learning experience.